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About Us

Grosso University’s sales training system is unlike anything else out there thanks to our DREAM TEAM of home improvement sales professionals who have crushed it with some of the most impressive sales records in the industry.

Ours is the FIRST and ONLY home improvement sales training and business consulting group that is currently operating successful, growing organizations.

Maybe we shouldn’t be so humble.

We are actually operating some of the biggest home remodeling companies in the country.

Sure, the other guys offering sales programs might be OK, but who would you prefer to take a course in, say, competitive swimming from? Michael Phelps? Or the guy who consistently ranks second in his local division? The local division guy is probably a great swimmer, but he’s no Michael Phelps!

If you want to be GREAT, you need teachers who have achieved GREATNESS—and that’s the Grosso University team!

Our team is made up of trailblazers who have themselves shattered national records, and who are now ready to share their secrets to success with your sales team during our highly recommended sales training program.

Meet the Team

nathan richmond

Nathan Richmond

President – Mad City Windows & Baths, Madison, WI

#25 on the 2019 Top 500

Nathan Richmond began selling home remodeling services for Paramount Improvements in 2002. It didn’t take him long to become the company’s first million-dollar salesman. He is now President of Mad City Windows & Baths, where his leadership has driven sales from $4 million in 2009 to an extraordinary $60 million in 2018.

nathan richmond

Nick Richmond

President – Matrix Basement Systems Arlington Heights, IL

#53 on the 2018 Top 500

A love for home improvement runs in the Richmond family, and Nathan’s brother Nick has made his own mark in the industry. The business he founded, Matrix Basement Systems, is today one of the largest remodeling firms in the country. The company wrapped up 2018 with a very big bow: $23 million in sales!

nathan richmond

Dominic Camanata

Sales Manager – Mad City Windows & Baths, Madison, WI

#25 on the 2018 Top 500

In 2010, Dominic Caminata started working as a sales rep for Mad City Windows & Baths. It didn’t take him long to become the company’s first million-dollar seller. After handily besting the rest of the sales team to earn Salesman of the Year for three years in a row, he’s been promoted to his current role of Sales Manager and Trainer.

He started from square one with Mad City’s training program and helped to push the company to its phenomenal success.

Dominic attributes all of his own success to mastering the Grosso Methodology, and he is certain anyone with the right attitude and work ethic that goes through his course can succeed in becoming a $2 million salesperson!

Nathan, Nick, and Dominic have built on the work of industry legend Rick Grosso to create the most dynamic remodeler sales training course anywhere in the country.