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Legendary Sales Training for the Modern World.

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Legendary Sales Training for the Modern World

Way More than Just a Pep Talk!

Grosso University motivates, but we also provide the valuable tools and trade secrets your sales team needs to convert that motivation into real results!

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Our April Closer's Camp in Vegas has been postponed due to COVID-19. We will reach out to attendees when a new date has been scheduled.

Remodeling Sales Training Delivered by Industry Leaders

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Our team continues to share the teachings of the legendary Rick Grosso, whose training programs have propelled thousands to new heights of success!

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Don’t spend thousands on a one-day seminar! Our memberships give you unlimited access to our comprehensive library of remodeling sales training courses.

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Don’t wait around and wonder what you’re doing right—or wrong! We’ll evaluate your business and work with you to strengthen it—in every area!

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Events like our three-day Closer’s Camp give your sales team a concentrated dose of all the best of Grosso’s University’s teachings!

About Us

Though other home improvement sales training and business consulting groups exist, Grosso University is the first and only organization with leaders who also operate successful, growing organizations. In fact, we are currently running some of the nation’s biggest home remodeling companies, so we don’t just talk the talk. We walk the walk with all of the methods we teach and use them to achieve unparalleled success.

Our team of trailblazers has started from the bottom and shattered national records. While some might want to keep their sales secrets to themselves, we are now ready to share everything so that you can achieve the same level of greatness. At Grosso University, it is our goal to help you become the top home remodeling sales professional you can be.

nathan richmond

Nathan Richmond

President – Mad City Windows & Baths, Madison, WI

#25 on the 2019 Top 500

Nathan Richmond began selling home remodeling services for Paramount Improvements in 2002. It didn’t take him long to become the company’s first million-dollar salesman. He is now President of Mad City Windows & Baths, where his leadership has driven sales from $4 million in 2009 to an extraordinary $60 million in 2018.

Nick Richmond

Nick Richmond

President – Matrix Basement Systems Arlington Heights, IL

#53 on the 2018 Top 500

A love for home improvement runs in the Richmond family, and Nathan’s brother Nick has made his own mark in the industry. The business he founded, Matrix Basement Systems, is today one of the largest remodeling firms in the country. The company wrapped up 2018 with a very big bow: $30 million in sales!

Dominic Camanata

Dominic Camanata

Sales Manager – Mad City Windows & Baths, Madison, WI

#25 on the 2018 Top 500

Dominic started from the beginning with Mad City Windows & Baths’ specially-designed training program and helped to launch the company to its current level of success as the company’s first million-dollar seller. From there, we went on the earn Salesman of the Year for three years in a row, which earned him a promotion to his current role as Sales Manager and Trainer. He credits all of his own success to the Grosso Methodology.

Rick Grosso

Rick Grosso

Rick works with companies to take what can feel like an overwhelming menu of change and break it down into easily implemented strategies and systems. This allows companies to effectively bypass sales stalls and status quo to dramatically increase their market share and growth opportunities.


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