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Closer's Guides

These guides are a small portion of the complete 150-page text that every guest of Closer's Camp will receive.

  • Button Up: Step 10 is the button up of your close. This script is designed to eliminate canceled sales and to teach your clients to sell for YOU.
  • Qualification Sequence: Sequence Qualifying the homeowner is the step 8 of this process and em-phasizes some of the most im-portant parts of the script. 
  • Retail Closing: Retail Closing is the 7th step of this process and emphasiz-es several key components.
  • Sub Step Closing: Sub-Step closing is step 9 in the Closer's Guide, it will aid you in dealing wit objections and show you how to close any sale with three questions.  

Closers' Podcasts

The Sales Podcast for Home Improvement Professionals

  • Destination Motivation: Destination Motivation has provided salespeople with an amazing tool. Vacation vouchers to use as an incentive during a sales call. 
  • Destination Motivation Part 2
  • Sales Manager vs Sales Coach: What's the difference between a sales manager and a sales coach? One leads your team to success. The other leads to warning sales.
  • Cabinet RestylersManufactures don't often think about the end customer. Your client. Cabinet Restylers is not one of those manufactures. They work with you to help you get sales. 
  • 90 Minute Sales Process: The sales industry can be hard on anyone, especially when you're selling products worth thousands of dollars. Nick Richmond and Dominic Caminata break down the One Call Close in this podcast. 
  • Sunlight Financial
  • One Click Contractor
  • One Click Contractor Part 2
  • Wolfcast
  • First Impression

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