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3 Days of Sales Training. Multi-Million Dollar Results.

Closer’s Camp is an intensive three-day training course that’s specifically designed for home improvement professionals and hosted by the FIRST and ONLY sales training and business consulting group in the industry. Home improvement sales are all we do—and we’re here to share trade secrets worth over $155 million in sales in 2019 alone.

Not some inexperienced “sales gurus.”

Closer’s Camp keynote speakers are active in the industry and apply the techniques they teach every single day. They’ve each led, managed, and/or trained multi-million-dollar sales teams with remarkable year-over-year growth.

Over three days, you’ll hear from and interact with some of the most successful leaders in the home improvement industry.


Jordan Belfort

Jordan Belfort

Wolf of Wall Street

Jordan Belfort is the best-selling author of three iconic books: The Wolf of Wall Street, Catching the Wolf of Wall Street, and The Way of the Wolf. He also inspired the hit movie, The Wolf of Wall Street, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and directed by Martin Scorsese, which was nominated for five Academy Awards

Jordan has created more million-dollar producers than all other sales trainers combined. His famous Straight Line System, used to mentor the most effective sales forces in the world, has been curated over the last 30 years and refined into a foolproof solution for turning virtually any individual into a world-class closer and top producer in their field.

Nick Richmond

Nick Richmond

Matrix Basement & Bathroom Systems

President and Founder of Matrix Basement and Bathroom Systems, the #1 basement remodeling company and 53th fastest-growing home improvement company nationally

Nathan Richmond

Nathan Richmond

Mad City Windows and Baths

President of Mad City Windows and Baths, the largest home improvement company in Wisconsin and 25th fastest-growing home improvement company nationally

Dominic Caminata

Dominic Caminata

Mad City Windows and Baths

Sales Director and Trainer at Mad City Windows and Baths, head of a 45-man sales team with over $60 million in sales 2019

Rick Grosso

Rick Grosso

R.J. Grosso Enterprises

Rick works with companies to take what can feel like an overwhelming menu of change and break it down into easily implemented strategies and systems. This allows companies to effectively bypass sales stalls and status quo to dramatically increase their market share and growth opportunities.

Learn from the best to become the best!

Closer's Camp is the FIRST and ONLY sales training event offered by industry leaders who are currently operating highly successful remodeling businesses.

Qualified Remodeler has named Mad City Windows and Baths and Matrix Basement Systems among the top 100 remodelers in the country for 2019!

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Do you want to make more money?

Then commit to only three days of intensive sales training. We won’t just scratch the surface; we’ll take a deep dive into the issues that are holding your business back. We’ll teach how you to overcome challenges and increase profits through the step-by-step sales process pioneered by Rick Grosso and Grosso University.

Your business can’t afford to miss it.

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State of the Art Facility in the Heart of Vegas

Caesar's Forum

Opening in 2020

High-Value Topics Relevant to Your Business

Unlike many other sales training programs, this is not a generic seminar. It’s made by home improvement professionals, for home improvement professionals, with a clear home improvement focus. We’ll only cover topics that we know lead to real-world business growth—because we’ve used them ourselves!

  • How to maintain over 50%+ closing rates by following a proven method
  • How to demo more prospects by dodging curveballs, resistance, and objections
  • How to employ new and interesting closing scripts for the modern world
  • How to use cutting-edge technology to automate follow-up marketing, increase referrals, and maximize return
  • How to take advantage of unique technology for consumer financing to put more money in the bank now!
  • Break-out sessions for CEO- and management-level attendees
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Event Schedule

Grosso University will offer a unique online educational program with all of the archived Rick Grosso content and videos along with many new, cutting edge sales-level and CEO-level video content.

April 17, 2020

12 noon - 1pm Registration

1pm - 8pm Session

Topics you'll hear about

  • Growing a profitable home improvement business
  • Creating successful habits in and outside of work
  • Gaining entry into the home (overcoming resistance)
  • Overcoming objections in beginning of appointment
  • Making survey a conversation
  • Using the form method
  • Establish needs/wants and layering customers answers
  • Importance of creating urgency and cycle of motivation
  • Putting together a proper inspection kit
  • Importance of building trust/respect in your company
  • Asking questions

April 18, 2020

9am - 5pm Session

Topics you'll hear about

  • Video marketing - Video Knocker
  • Predictive dialing
  • Having diverse marketing
  • Formula of a masterful presentation
  • Demonstrate how to effectively kill the competition
  • Product presentation
  • Retail close
  • Proper price delivery
  • Ignoring objections
  • Financial terms
  • ROI (show how it costs less to own your product)
  • Qualification sequence
  • Bridge to qualification
  • 5 qualification questions
  • Explanation of promotion
  • Major close (IVD)
  • IVD script
  • Velvet hammer

April 19, 2020

9am - 5pm Session

Topics you'll hear about

  • Sub step closing
  • How to properly handle questions
  • 11 closing techniques
  • Awards ceremony: Top 3 finishers will be recognized for achievement
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Beyond the Seminar

After Closer’s Camp 2020, we’ll keep you connected and engaged with all the resources you need to keep your sales momentum going strong.

Learning Management System

A monthly subscription unlocks hundreds of video and audio sales training courses, including exclusive content for both C-level execs and sales-level reps. Great for refreshing your memory post-conference or for sharing with the team back home!

Consultation Services

Hire us for an in-depth analysis of your home improvement business, unlimited text and email Q&As, or recruitment and certifying of your greenest salespeople. We guarantee 100% satisfaction and a minimum 10% increase in net profits with our 6-month development program.




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Proven Results Since 1992

Watch testimonials of our past Closer's Camp attendees to learn how we can help propel your business to record-breaking success!

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“I started home improvement with no luck. After learning Rick’s system sales went up over 100% and in my second year it doubled again. I took Rick’s techniques and applied them creating an annual income of over $500,000 a year and growing rapidly.”

John DeCarlo