Our next Closer's Camp event has been rescheduled for Feb 15-17, 2021 in Nashville, TN! Learn More.
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Closer’s Camp is the Can’t-Miss Home Remodeling Sales Training Event
Three days of inspiring seminars by industry leaders will propel your sales team toward record growth.
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Grosso University offers legendary training for the modern world, and our Closer’s Camp event packs dozens of vital sales training topics into three exciting days.

Your team will walk away from the event inspired to do more, and fully equipped with all the practical tools they need to make it happen!

This isn’t just any home improvement sales training.

All of the courses are delivered by industry professionals who have CRUSHED national records—and helped thousands of others do the same.

The Can’t-Miss Home Remodeling Sales Training Event

There are some sales training programs that may or may not help your business—this isn’t one of them. Our results have been PROVEN—time and time again.

The speakers we invite to this event aren’t just talking about sales—they are excelling at running some of the biggest home improvement companies in the nation!

Topics that will be covered at Closer’s Camp:

day one

  • Growing a Profitable Home Improvement Business
  • Creating Successful Habits in and Outside of Work
  • Gaining Entry into the Home (Overcoming Resistance)
  • Overcoming Objections in Beginning of Appointment
  • Making Survey a Conversation
  • Using the Form Method
  • Establish Needs/Wants and Layering Customers Answers
  • Importance of Creating Urgency and Cycle of Motivation
  • Putting Together a Proper Inspection Kit
  • Importance of Building Trust/Respect in Your Company
  • Asking Questions

day two

  • Video Marketing - Video Knocker
  • Predictive Dialing
  • Having Diverse Marketing
  • Formula of a Masterful Presentation
  • Demonstrate How to Effectively Kill the Competition
  • Product Presentation
  • Retail Close
  • Proper Price Delivery
  • Ignoring Objections
  • Financial Terms
  • ROI (Show How it Costs Less to Own Your Product)
  • Qualification Sequence
  • Bridge to Qualification
  • 5 Qualification Questions
  • Explanation of Promotion
  • Major Close (IVD)
  • IVD Script
  • Velvet Hammer

day three

  • Sub Step Closing
  • How to Properly Handle Questions
  • 11 Closing Techniques
  • Awards Ceremony: Top 3 Finishers Will Be Recognized for Achievement

Both for burgeoning businesses as well as successful companies that are ready to leap to the next level, Grosso University’s innovative remodeling company sales training has undisputed value.

Don’t Miss Out on This Life-Changing Event! Register Today!

If you do one thing this year to invest in the success of your sales team, make it Closer’s Camp. Don’t just sit around wondering how to motivate and prepare your team to propel your home remodeling company toward record growth.

This is it. Three days. Three industry legends. Contact us today for more details and to register your team!